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Why Fasting and Rambling?

Fasting, associated with Rambling, is the ideal art of Fasting. Rambling in the open air creates a sensation of well-being never discovered before, the hunger leaves, the weight reduces and the atmosphere rises.

Fasting influences our spirituality. The time of Fasting is a time of reflection, meditation, and it simultaneously facilitates the introspection and the exteriorisation, an invitation to a life more conscient and intensive. Fasting submits to an experience of thoroughness, to an improved understanding of the modest but precise signals of our bodies.

When you participate, we conclude that you do so deliberately, that you are perfectly healthy and not consuming any medicine. Fasting, as we present it, is not a panacea but rather a prophylactic Fasting.

Our principal objective consist in uniting like-minded consenting people motivated to employ the instrument of „Fasting and Rambling“ and operating it effectively in the preservation of their health.

It is easier and more fun to Fast and Ramble in a group with persons who have the same convictions, than Fasting alone at home.

Since we have started offering Fasting and Rambling in the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, an increasing number adventurous people have benefited from the results of "Fasting and Rambling".

Should you wish to become aware of the pleasure of participating in Fasting and Rambling, feel free to subscribe. Fasting is always easier than you think.